Book Review: Outliers

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell –‘The Story of Success”

Outliers shares stories of success from people all over the world. Some of these people are very recognizable, such as The Beatles and Bill Gates. However, some are not as recognizable– rice planters of China or European airline pilots. All of these people were born under very different circumstances, presented with many unique opportunities, but all apply the same principles to become successful.

This book has made a great impact on the way I approach my little daily rituals that will ultimately lead toward the larger results I aspire to. It has not only changed the way I think about others but myself as well. How are my habits getting me toward my ultimate goals? Or are they not helping at all?

I love the way Gladwell breaks apart various aspects of what makes one successful; how they started out and how all of their basic choices lead them to their greatest accomplishments.

By reading this book you will hopefully be as motivated as I have been to change for the better. My homework and ability to concentrate and work has even improved. Rather than give the minimum I try to go to my classes with grit and zeal.

Check it out from your local library, borrow a friends copy or order your own online, (because you will want to highlight and refer back to a lot of this, I promise!).

If you’ve read Outliers, tell us what you thought!


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