Featured Friday: Jenna’s Kitchen

Today we are talking with Jenna from Jenna’s Kitchen. She is so awesome, you guys. We love how transparent and relate-able she is about nutrition and healthy living. She also contributes over at Small Fry–a great blog if you have kids. Check out more about Jenna on Instagram: Jennaskitchen or on her site: Thanks again, Jenna!

  1. How did Jenna’s Kitchen get started and what is your site all about?

I originally started it as a place to share my recipes! I was posting them on my personal Instagram and was worried my friend’s would get annoyed so I started Jenna’s Kitchen! It’s evolved to much more than recipes, who am I kidding there are hardly any recipes now with 3 busy kids, but the name of it still has special meaning! The Kitchen is the heart of our home and we spend so much time there as a family – I like to think that my friends and followers are in our kitchen with us!

  1. What is your best tip for working out/eating healthy?

Be consistent. Do not do any fad or crash diets. Eat a balanced diet and find something and STICK TO IT. We can get so grabby and do all the things all at once but being consistent is the biggest key.

  1. What have you liked about macro counting?

I like it because it’s so well balanced. There’s room to eat whatever you’d like in your macros – you just have to eat it the right way!

  1. What advise do you have for moms trying to get baby weight off and keeping it off?

First of all be kind to yourself! Baby weight is normal and the sign of a huge blessing – a baby!! I don’t lose any weight until after I’m done nursing so you could be built that way too 🙂 Be patient! It takes a long time but be consistent and try to love yourself in the process. Also FEED YOURSELF. Starvation happens a lot with busy moms because they’re thinking of themselves last. Your body needs body to fuel muscle and burn fat!

  1. How do you manage everything from working out, family life and all the things you are involved with on your site?

I do A LOT of time managing. I am very clear on my intentions and set a lot of boundaries. If a request does not align with my purpose or my brand then I don’t involve myself with it. Saying no and making family and my health a priority has been life saving.

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