Beginner Watercolor

We are posting this awesome water color tutorial by Angie again as part of our Christmas gift ideas! Angie made these amazing month images for me last year as a gift and they have been the gift that keeps giving. Looking at these each month has brought me so much joy.


Last Summer, my husband and I moved to Washington for a few months. He was doing Summer sales, while I was raising our puppy. The days seemed so long, for he was working from late morning until 9PM. I applied for a few jobs, but none of these places wanted to hire for a short few months, not even including vacation and time away. So I decided I needed some kind of creative hobby I could spend time each day on. I hopped on Pinterest to see what I had pinned a lot of, and I noticed that watercolor pictures where in a lot of pins. That’s when I wanted to experiment and see if this was capable of doing. Turns out I love to watercolor and it’s my way of showing my creativity. Watercolor is not too hard. It does take practice, but it’s fun to doodle and find what you’re good at. I will show you guys the basics to watercoloring and what is needed.

Watercolor paper

Watercolor brushes

Watercolor paint pallet

Water brush pen

-Cup of water

-Paper towel

I prefer to use a water brush pen when I’m painting very distinct things, and I use the brushes when I’m painting more of a “blur”  effect. The pen is so nice to use for small details. Its very easy to use! What I love most about watercolor is when I mess up, I can cover it up by adding more color or water. Its a hobby that everyone is capable of and can do things in their own, creative way.



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