Congratulations! You did it. You made it through winter!! Stop whatever you are doing and give yourself a hug. I’m serious. Do it.

I don’t know why but every March I consider it a huge accomplishment that I made it through the winter. I reward myself with ice cream and Easter chocolate regularly because..well, winter! After Christmas it seems like spring will never come. January is just a struggle, the day February 1st rolls around I find myself giving pep talks to everyone around me that, “This is a short month. Only 28 days!” Then March comes and guess what…it’s still cold. But wait! If you hang on a couple more weeks the calendar says it is the first day of spring! Even if the weather on March 19th is the same as March 20th, (the first official day of spring), I still find myself very giddy. Good things are coming.

Spring brings a pep in my step like no other season. My favorite song to describe spring is, “Here Comes the Sun”, by the Beatles. This song cannot help but put a smile on your face. Try it.

Being new to my area I can’t wait to discover what spring is like here in Holland. I’ve heard a thing or two about the tulips 🙂

What do you love about spring?


xoxo, Ashley


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