Photo from Hunted Interior

Today we have our amazing sister-in-law, Lisa McKell telling us about the rules of pillows. She is a genius interior designer, and we are so happy she is sharing her wisdom with us! 


I recently was talking with my sister about pillows (fitting right?!) as she just purchased her first house and starting decorating it. We all see those high-end living rooms styled perfectly with beautiful textiles. They’re all over Pinterest! 

Having some experience in the interior design industry I thought I would share three of the most important rules to follow when decorating with pillows.  

Size Matters

As a rule of thumb, for a square pillow on a sofa do not go smaller than a 20×20 and no larger than 24×24. Those sizes will give you the high end look that most people want. Lumbars, (long 12×20 pillows) are get as well, just make sure the width is at least 20 inches wide.

Also, always buy the insert a size bigger than the actual pillow cover. For example, if I have a 20×20 pillow cover I need to buy a 22×22 insert. I promise, it will fit. That is how designers achieve that full, plush look!

What’s Inside Does Count

This is where it will really make your pillows look high-end and designer. Always buy pillows with or use Down Feather Inserts! They are more plush. If you have a pillow that is the regular polyester fill, you can swap out the insert for the down and instantly you will be able to tell a HUGE difference. Where do you buy Down Inserts? You can get them on Etsy, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Etc. My favorite pace to find cheap inserts is at HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. I’ll go to the clearance isle and find a pillow that is the same size of the one I need an insert for and just swap out the cover when I get home.

The Karate Chop

My husband teases me all the time about karate chopping pillows. For some reason it just makes it look better and by doing this it really gives the finished, high end look you see all over Pinterest. So karate chop away ladies! 

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