Guilt Free Treat

Okay, I love ice cream but I do not love the fat and calories that come with them! I have found an ice cream that tastes so good and has low fat and calories! Not only that, with the macro trend right now, this ice cream has low carbs and high protein!

Now, is it as good as Ben & Jerry’s? Personally I think some of the flavors are! My favorite is chocolate, chocolate almond crunch, pistachio, birthday cake and lemon cake. I haven’t tried them all YET,  but I’m on a mission!

Anytime you can have a yummy treat without all of the fat, carbs and calories, why not? I love finding healthy alternatives to full fat foods.

Let’s just compare Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough to Halo Top’s Black Cherry ice cream:
B&J 1/2 cup:

310 calories
16g fat
35 carbs
26 sugar

HT 1/2 cup:
70 calories
1.5g fat
12 carbs
5 sugar

The numbers speak for themselves! When I’m out with the fam and they want to get an ice cream cone, ya I will probably get the real deal ice cream, but when I’m home and just need a yummy treat without the guilt, you will find me on my couch eating Halo Top while watching This is Us! What are your guilt free treats?


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