My Mary Poppins

Anyone who is friends with me on Instagram knows my son is smitten with Mary Poppins. I’m always filming him doing Step In Time. It never gets old to me–although I’m sure it does for everyone else. I’m his mother and I WILL share his cuteness with the world if it’s the last thing I do.

After all our viewings of Mary Poppins I can’t help but think about who is my Mary Poppins. First we need to take a look at what is a Mary Poppins. A Mary Poppins basically pops up when you need her and makes your life easier. She gives you something sweet to eat when you should be having something healthy. She doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.She brings a bag of magic with her everywhere she goes. Even if that bag is a Ziploc of goldfish crackers for your kids. Bless her. She leaves you feeling better and life seems more full because she was there.

I have several Mary Poppins figures in my life. My mom and sisters for one. Today, however, I’ve been thinking about my Mary Poppins friends back in Connecticut. You know who you are.

You had my kids and I over for dinner when my husband was traveling. You met me at the church gym with toys and snacks so our kids could run around because what else do you do in that coldness? You helped clean up throw up out of YOUR car from MY child–and you still wanted to be friends with me. You talked about the Bachelor with me for far longer than either of us needed to talk about it.

I could go on but basically I’m just here to say thanks. Thanks for being my Mary Poppins and for teaching me what that means. Now that I am no longer with any of you I’m still amazed at how you help me although we are so far away.

These friends are far from being “practically perfect in every way” but that is what makes them even more my Mary Poppins.

xoxo, Ashley

(photo cred to Pinterest)


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