Feature Friday: Our Best Bites

We are so excited to announce a new series will be doing. Each Friday we will highlight one of our favorite brands, blogs or people. As your sisters we feel it vital to your existence to know about these things.

Some of our favorite cookbooks are from the girls at Our Best Bites. Their cookbooks and website ( ) have never let us down. Remember how Ashley is cooking her way through their cookbooks? Another reason we love Our Best Bites is because they balance cooking/enjoying food with being active and fit.

Andrea interviewed Sara, one of the founders of Our Best Bites.

  1. How did you get started with our best bites? How did it evolve from a blog to cookbooks/products?

We started Our Best Bites purely as a hobby, with zero intentions of it ever being a business, which quite honestly is one of the things we feel really contributed to its success. It grew 100% organically because people loved the content, and over time became what it is today.

  1. What is your favorite recipe?

    People always ask this question and it’s always hard to answer!  Choosing a favorite is like choosing a favorite child.  I’ll be forever fond of our fajita recipe.  It’s one of the things I make over and over and over again. Also our Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos- because they’re delicious, but also because they were our first really “viral” recipe.

  1. How do you balance cooking and staying fit? 

Balancing my love of food and my desire to be fit is one of my greatest challenges in life.  But it’s just that: balance.  And a key for me is living an active life.  Not just putting in time at the gym, but enjoying being active and playing outside, walking, hiking, etc.  I don’t believe exercise should be a punishment for eating indulgent food- I like to do active things I truly enjoy.  Things like hiking and weight lifting are like therapy for me.  I do them because they not only strengthen my body, but they clear my mind. On the flip-side, I don’t think people should feel guilt and regret for eating good, albeit caloric food, either.  Food is something to be enjoyed!  If I’m going to bake cookies, I’m going to enjoy every last bite of those cookies and not feel bad about it. I find when I live actively and exercise regularly, I can still eat great food (including lots of treats) and remain relatively fit.

  1. What is your strategy for getting dinner on the table for the fam with a busy family schedule?

One thing that works in my favor is that I am constantly thinking about food, haha.  When I wake up in the morning, I’m often daydreaming about what I want to eat that day.  I find that if it’s on my mind early in the day, I can prep my life and schedule my day to make meal time easier.  That being said, I often flounder around the kitchen and come up with dinner plans on the fly, just like everyone else in the world.  And we eat things like boxed mac and cheese, microwave burritos, and cold cereal, too.  People assume all of our meals are glorious and photo worthy like they see on food blogs, but honestly we’re just average joes like the rest of America!  To me it’s much more important that we’re eating together as a family, and sometimes we’re just sitting around cookie sheet of dino nuggets and I’m okay with that.

  1. How do you come up with new recipes?

I’m constantly playing around in the kitchen and often things just happen naturally.  I’m also really inspired by things I see on TV or things I eat at a restaurant or read about in magazines.  I love trying to recreate things at home or thinking of new ways to serve flavor combinations I love.  I have a whole notebook on my phone where I take notes of ideas or flavor combos or other things as they come to my head and if I need inspiration, I go there.

  1. Do your kids like cooking with you and if so, how do you make it not so messy?

I don’t make it not so messy, haha. My oldest son has just recently expressed interest in cooking so we’ve been doing a lot of that together.  I’m really passionate about teaching cooking skills to kids, but if your’e a control freak like me it can be a hard thing to accomplish.  Some of my tips are: 1. Don’t try to cook with multiple kids at a time, do it one-on-one for both ease and your sanity.  2.  Teach them not only about the food, but the process of cooking, like cleaning as you go, doing the dishes, etc.  3.  Let them have some say in the recipe.  Kids will be more interested in both cooking, and eating, if they have some input in the meal.

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