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Culture and Kids


I’ll admit I was nervous that having kids would throw off my need to explore and discover. I thought I would be tied down to schedules and feeding times and I began to panic. I was so wrong. My kids have given me every reason to explore and discover! My kids are still young and don’t have homework or after school commitments so we are taking this freedom and running with it!

No matter the age of your kids–or yourself–it is vital to discover the goodness around you. I have been fortunate to live in places where there is a ton going on, (museums, concerts, outdoor activities, etc). Friends will often admit that they don’t get out with their kids as much as they would like because they live in a “boring” place. I am here to help!

  1. Go to your state or city website–most have one. Then look at all the activities there are that month and make a plan to attend a lecture, performance, story time or book signing.
  2.  Google what museums, parks, concert halls, etc. there are in your area. I’m sure there is something you didn’t know about that you can discover!
  3. Make your own experiences by finding a fun hiking trail,trying a new type of food, (we just tried an Ethiopian restaurant out!), or finding a new hobby.
  4. If there is someone, something or somewhere you have always wondered about? Take yourself back to high school and write a research paper about it. You would need to look online, go to the library and do some real discovery to learn about it!

I am a firm believer that kids need to get out and explore, see, smell and touch the world around them. We love going on field trips to the museums, zoo and parks in our area. I love the discussions that come out of these experiences with my 4-year-old son. His little mind amazes me.

Staying home has its place too and we watch our share of non-educational shows..however, we are trying to be better at watching more “thinking” shows. Magic School Bus never disappoints.

Whatever your phase in life get out there and discover what your area has to offer. It takes some planning and maybe some budgeting but we have found it is always worth it.

xoxo, Ashley


One thought on “Culture and Kids

  1. Thanks for sharing! It is so fun to explore with your children no matter what age they are. What you do may change but the fun of doing it never gets old. I still love going out with my teenagers as much as I did my little ones.


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