Favorite Things Party

Have you ever heard of a favorite things party? Well, I just threw one this weekend and it was a major hit! Remember when Oprah would give her studio audience all of her favorite things once a year on her show? This party was way less dramatic than that, but the same kind of concept. Here is how it works:

1. Invite your girl friends over and have everyone bring 2 things. Their favorite appetizer or dessert and a gift that is $30 of something that is their favorite. {The gift doesn’t have to be one thing. For my gift, I had some packages of paper straws, a tassel garland kit, and a rifle paper co. letter banner} I made my favorite treat: swig cookies and my favorite drink: dirty diet coke {Lime, vanilla or coconut flavor}
2. After eating all of your favorite food and chatting with all of your favorite girl friends, you start the exchange game. You can play it with dice {if you roll a 7 or doubles, you get to open a gift, or steal one from someone else} or you can all draw numbers and open the gifts in that order {when your number is up, you can either steal someone else’s gift or open a new one}
3. When someone opens up your gift, you explain why that item is your favorite and how you use it.
4. The host writes down all of the favorite gifts and emails the list out to the attendees later so you know what everyone’s favorite items are.
5. Have everyone fill out cards with questions like: Favorite movie, Favorite book, Favorite Netflix series, Favorite place to eat…Have everyone share these cards so you know of more places to eat and shop, and more books to read!
The point of the party is to not only have a fun girls night out, but also to see what other people LOVE! At our party someone brought a laminator machine because she LOVES to laminate important documents, art work, projects and papers she doesn’t want to get bent. Someone else brought cleaning supplies from Target that kids can use that are not hazardous; in fact they can even spray them in their mouth! I have never even heard
of this but now I totally want to put my kids to work cleaning my house with these products!
I used cute paper products from Target so that it was easy clean up and the decorations were just fun things I already had. This activity is fun any time af year but especially in the cold months when we all need a little pick me up!


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