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Dress for You

I have had 5 kids. Enough said. I try to eat healthy and workout but this muffin top is not going anywhere! In the past I have felt bad about it. However, lately I have come to the conclusion that if this is what I have to carry around because of having these 5 beautiful kids, it is worth it. This doesn’t mean I am just going to go crazy and eat everything in sight and sit on the couch all day.  I am going to continue to work out and eat healthy as well as implement my new motto:

DRESS FOR YOU! This means dress in the clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident. Clothes that don’t accentuate the muffin top or other parts
that you are still working on. For me, I have found the following items of clothing to help me feel beautiful and confident.
1. Long Tops. I have t shirts, blouses and button down tops that are long and this helps to hide the mid section where the muffin top is.  Leggings work very well with long tops.
2. Dresses with an empire waist or a distinct waist line and then poofs out.
3. Non Form fitting clothes.
4. Prints that flatter your figure, not make you look bigger {Wearing vertical stripes makes you seem taller and in horizontal hoops, you’ll look wider. But black is still the most slimming choice for clothing.}
5. Going more bold with color. It is almost Spring, so throwing in some bright fun colors makes me feel awesome.
Don’t feel bad about yourself. Feel confident and beautiful by dressing for you and your body type! DO NOT compare yourself to anyone. You are who you are, and you are beautiful!
Here are some ideas for each category:

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