Lets talk organization. I have 5 kids, so if I’m not organized, nobody is! As a mom of 5 I have had to come up with some tricks.
1. Write it down! Child A needs 2 dozen cookies for her orchestra concert…write it down! Child B needs to be at swim practice at 5:55…write it down!
With each child I feel like a portion of my brain has been taken away so to rely on my memory anymore is a bad idea! I have found that if it isn’t written down, its NOT going to happen!
2. Have the calendar and schedule visible. I write down all of the monthly events in my calendar {yes, I still write it down on paper because I cannot get into the phone calendar},
then the week before the start of the new month I transfer all of the events and schedules onto the huge white board with dry erase markers. This board is located in the
locker room where everyone can see it. Lets face it though, I’m usually the only one looking at it since I’m the CEO of this company!
3. Plan ahead. If I know that I am volunteering in Child D’s math class next week and I can’t take the baby, I make arrangements well before for a friend to watch the baby.
I hate feeling rushed and scrambled, so looking ahead a few weeks before really helps.
4. Schedule doctor and dentist appointments in advanced to assure you get the time of day you want. I have found that if I schedule the kids 6 month dentist appointments
or their annual well child exams right after we went to their appointment, I get the pick of the litter of which days and times I want for the next appointment. In the past when I have
forgotten to do this, I always have to go to an appointment that does not work with out schedule.
5. Weed out the papers. When kids come home, I always tell them to give me all of the papers in their backpack. I then make a pile of important papers, art work or keeping papers and throw away papers. With the important papers from the office or teacher, I do a quick read through and mark any dates on my calendar and then try to throw them away. The kids art work and papers I want to keep in their school folders. I file those in their own folder to be put into a yearly school folder at the end of the year. I have found that if I don’t weed through papers, the papers can overtake our house! Only keep what is important and chuck the rest!

Well, hopefully you are more organized than I am, but if not, hopefully these 5 ideas help you!!! Mom’s are the best CEO’s!

**To see a tutorial for how to make a cute organizational calendar visit The Little Green Notebook. 


(Photo credit: Hobby Lobby)

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