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The Cookbook Project

For the last eight years I have made many New Years Resolutions that I haven’t kept. The one that keeps coming to the list is “Become a better cook”. I like to cook but I’m not great at it. We’ve had our share of burnt enchiladas, under cooked chicken, (one time I gave my husband food poisoning..but we won’t talk about that..) and desserts that just don’t taste right.

Last year it came to me why I wasn’t getting better at cooking. I never had a real game plan. I would go to the fridge at 4:45 each day and say, “What should we have for diner?” That never goes well for anyone in the family—quesadillas again!

I decided to cook my way through my favorite cookbook: Our Best Bites. I make my grocery list based on a pasta dish, meat dish and soup we want to eat that week as well as a fancy dessert. I plan what night each meal will be and we eat leftovers on the off nights or have something more simple…like quesadillas 🙂

If you haven’t checked out the recipes from Our Best Bites you should. It has been a GAME CHANGER for our family–and my cooking confidence has risen as well! I make a little mark next to the recipe indicating how much we liked it so I know if I should make it again.

Some of my favorite recipes so far include:

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

Sweet and Savory Flank Steak

Spinach Mandarin Poppy Salad

Soft and Chewy Snickerdoodles

Check them out. Or find a cookbook you love and cook your way through it!

P.S. This isn’t sponsored. I just really love Our Best Bites. Sister to sister you will too. Also photocred goes to Our Best Bites.

xoxo, Ashley

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