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Family Motto

Lets talk about Family Motto’s. Our family starts every year off with a family motto which is basically 1 focused family goal of the year. We usually throw ideas around and land on the one! This year, our family motto is: Fackrells count their blessings and believe tomorrow will be better than today. We wanted to focus on being positive and happy as well as acknowledging how truly blessed we are. We repeat this motto often to remind ourselves and really try to focus on this throughout the year. I like this rather than coming up with a list of new years resolutions that usually just make you feel like you didn’t accomplish your goals by the end of the year. Focusing on 1 theme or goal, especially for kids helps to keep it simple and attainable.
In the past, we have focused on serving others, being more adventurous, doing hard things and being kinder. For our family, mottos work so we can really be creative with what we are trying to focus on without being distracted with other goals. Here are a few ideas of how to get started on making your own family motto!
1Gather everyone together for a fun family night.
2Explain what a family motto is {usually a short phrase, something easy to memorize, repeat, and recall, that shows your family’s beliefs or view about life.}
3Have everyone in the family write down a simple family motto and gather everyones thoughts and ideas.
4Read everyones ideas and try to narrow it down to a few.
5Have the family vote on the narrowed down list.
6Once everyone agrees on the motto, print it out so that everyone can see the motto daily.
7Review and Repeat the motto at least once a week. We like to say our family motto together every Mondaymorning as part of our family scripture study and family prayer.
8.  Live the Motto. Throughout the year, try to live the words of the motto so you can be better because of it.
Happy New Year! Andrea

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