5 Ways to Stay Organized in the New Year

2017: New year, new you! One thing I lacked in 2016 was staying organized. I don’t mean how to line up your shoes just right. I mean how to keep your LIFE organized.

Get a cute day planner/ notebook: The reason I say “cute” is because we are all most likely to write in something that we like to look at. I keep a Rifle Paper Co. planner that I write my day-to-day plans and notes in. I also write shopping lists in this as well. I feel so much more organized now that I have my days written down. Color coding also goes along with this. I am a very visual person, so I find that color coding my lists and calendars becomes very helpful to staying organized. Plus, it’s fun to get those gel pens out and feel like a kid again!

Have a clean/organized house: There is nothing better than a clean house. It is such a fresh feeling to come home to a clean house. Organizing the house comes after the clean house. Make a list of what needs to be organized in your home. Start with the first thing on your list and GET IT DONE. How many times have you started to organize something and never actually get it done? Make sure it is done before you go to the next thing on your list.

Keep a journal: This may not seem like a “way to keep organized” but it sure is for your brain. Putting all of those floating thoughts in your head is a great way to relieve yourself. This is “you time”. A time of the day to slow down and write your thoughts down.

Avoid perfection: This is one of the reasons I struggled with being organized last year. When I did things I tried to perfect them. This can be good in some cases, but it can also be negative. I tried to make and do things like the pictures I would see on Pinterest. Or the way I saw it on an Instagram post of someone I follow. I hate to break it to you, but sometimes it’s not always going to turn out like the pictures you pin on Pinterest. If not, then do your best until if feels your best. This goes with more than just organizing.

Reward yourself to tasks you’ve accomplished: Or in my words “treat yo-self”. You’ve done a lot today to accomplish your lists and goals, so go out and treat yo self to that. Whether that is going to Target, or pulling into Swig, It’s up to you how you reward yourself.

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