Goals? Yay or Nay?

The gym parking lot is full, the grocery store is out of kale and there are Christmas trees all along the side of the road. Must be a new year!

So what are you resolutions? Oh, I’m sorry, they are too cliche? They don’t work? They make you feel bad? I’m pretty sure the wrong approach has been taken here. Let me back up.

When I was getting my degree in Public Relations some a lot of years ago I went to my first day of class: Intro to P.R. the first chapter was all about establishing SMART goals. This resonated with me and I now only create goals based on this acronym. Before I tell you what it stands for let me give you an example of a good goal vs. a bad goal:

I want to be healthy this year—–BAD

I want to loose 15 lbs by May 1, 2017. I will do this by having a meal plan and going to the gym four days a week. I will weigh in every Saturday morning before leaving the house and will report to my BFF on my progress.——–GOOD

Now let’s dive in. SMART

S: Specific. If your goal isn’t crazy specific then it won’t happen. What EXACTLY do you want to accomplish?

M: Measurable. Can you actually track if you are progressing? If you can’t, you need to make it more specific.

A: Accountable. Find someone to be accountable to–someone you can share your progress with who will help motivate you to keep it up–or start.

R: Realistic. Is this possible? If you want to go to Thailand but you are in debt this probably isn’t the year. Maybe make getting out of debt your new goal 🙂

T: Time-bound. When are you going to accomplish this goal by? Set it in stone and make a plan for how you will accomplish your goal by a specific time.

Goals don’t need to be as serious or dramatic as weight loss, saving money or making a life change. They can be simple. Last year I actually stuck to one of my resolutions all year long. This is going to sound so weird but I love having my nails painted. I feel more put together when they look nice. I had a goal to paint my nails once a week for a year–was it pricey? No? Was it realistic? Yes! I liked it so much I’m doing it again this year.

Whatever your goal may be make sure to write it down. I once read from an unknown author that a goal not written down is only a wish. Go make those wishes a reality. Make 2017 the year of {INSERT YOUR NAME HERE}. All of us here at SIS are cheering you on. Seriously.



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